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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skinny Pants

* A 3/4 quatter skinny pants that cant resist your eyes!! It is the trend now as everything go body hugging & skinny. Comes in size XS, S and M, it is make of thick cotton and perfect cutting!!*

*Side pocket*
Size: XS, S and M

Size XS (Length 63cm, Waist 36cm)
Size S (Length 65cm, Waist 38cm)
Size M (Length 66cm, Waist 40cm)

Description: Thick cotton, side pocket

Color: Black

Price: NOW RM45 ONLY!!
Status: Available

Sunny Floral

* A definately sweet yet sunny dress for Chinese New Year Celebration. The nice cutting make it looks perfect no matter with or without clincher. Comes in limited pieces, faster grab 1 while stock last!!*

Best Fits XS - M

Measurement: Length 78cm
Material: Quality Cotton
Color: Yellow
Price: NOW RM52 ONLY!!!
Status: ALL SOLD

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Dear All The Pretties Out There,

We are having clearance sales now!!! The price is further reduction to an unbelievable cheap level...ALL GOODS MUST GONE!! so what are you still waiting for?? faster place an order now as purchase 2 items and will entitle a free Pos Laju~~~

Monday, November 30, 2009

Topshop Bodycon Dress

*Love the Topshop Bodycon dress? now we also having a similar pieces which selling at a most affordable price. It's stretchable material fits extremely well on your body. Faster grab now while stock last!!

*Our Collection*

*Comes in black color also*

Best Fits XS - M
Measurement: Length 62cm
Material: Stretchable Nylon
Color: Black (1 sold, 1 available) & Blue (sold)
Price: NOW RM39 ONLY!!!
Status: Last Piece

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Audrey Herbhurn Collection

*Spotted this tempting dress at BCBG Max-mara. Now, we also have an inspired Audrey Herbhurn dress which look like this pieces. It is make of superb quality satin and the perfect cutting fits your body nicely. With this Audrey Collection, every babe also can be a fair lady!!*

*Black Design*
*Perfect cutting at the bust line*

*White Design*
*Stretchable at the back*

Best Fits : XS - M

Measurement: Length 65cm
Material: Superb quality satin (Quality Assured)
Color: Black design, White design (sold)
Price: NOW RM35 ONLY!!
Status: Last Piece

Saturday Night Lady

*A superb quality satin tube dress. It has a perfect cutting which fits your body nicely. With just a piece of this, you can easily become the highlight in every club!!*

*White color*

*Pink Color*

*Perfect cutting on the bust line*
*Stretchable at the back*
*Black color*

Best Fits : XS - M

Measurement: Waist 28cm, Length 65cm
Material: Quality satin
Color: White (sold), Pink (1 sold, 1 available) & Black
Price: NOW RM35 ONLY!!!
Status: Available

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cross Back Bodycon

* Heart the cross back body con dress that u saw in ASOS? now we also having a similar pieces which comes in white, blue and pink color, it is absolutely a special pieces that will make u shine among the crowd in a xmas party!!*

*The front just a normal little black dress*

*but the sexy cross back make u cant resist of it*

Best Fits XS - M
Measurement: Length 76cm
Material: Superb stretchable material best fits no matter Xs or M size babe
Color: White (sold) , Blue (sold) & Pink (sold)
Price: 52
Status: ALL SOLD

Monday, November 23, 2009

Flower Maxi Dress

*This is Topdress21 first collection of maxi dress. It is made up of superb quality nylon. Faster grab 1 now for your Xmas party celebration*

*Pink Color*
*Tie at the back which enable you to adjust the length*

*Purple Color*
Best Fits S - M
Measurement: Length 125cm (Adjustable Strap)
Material: Quality Nylon
Color: Pink (sold) & Purple (sold)
Price: NOW RM43 ONLY!!
Status: ALL SOLD

Topshop Biker Jacket

*This Topshop inspired biker jacket is a must for every pretties in this season. It has a two way collar where you can either put inside or outside. It looks absolute fantastic no matter you pair with shorts, legging or even dress. Faster grab 1 because you wont regret having it. It's superb cutting fits well on your body curve and it looks nice no matter from the front, side or back view.*

*Our Topshop Inspired Biker Jacket*
*Wear as collar inside*

*Wear as collar outside*

*Sexy side view*

Best Fits : XS - M

Measurement: Length 52cm
Description: Quality cotton (Quality Guaranteed)
Color: Black (sold) & White (sold)
Price: Now RM55 only!!
Status: ALL SOLD